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Getting Started with Math Tutors in
Houston Tutoring Services is easy!
Your Success is our success!
Once you've determined your child needs help in math studies,
simply contact the office and the Math Tutors in Houston Area
Director will take it from there. The Area Director will ask you a few
questions and tell you more about the tutoring program.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like - our offices are
always happy to address any concerns you may have.

After the initial phone call, the Area Director will schedule a time to
meet with you and your child, at your convenience, in your home,
where a more detailed assessment is taken, goals are set and a
tutoring plan of action begins to take shape.

Next, the Area Director will assign your child a state certified math
tutor who both meets your child's academic needs and complements
your child's personality type.

The tutor will contact you directly and schedule each tutoring
session at a time most convenient to you.
Letter From a
satisfied Parent:
We would like to thank you for the
wonderful help that Ben gave to
Kirsten regarding her problems
in geometry. She went from
failing to an A, and did not have
to take her final. Had it not been
for your services this would never
have happened. What she
learned will carry over into
college. We highly recommend
your services and would use
your tutors again.
Mark G., Sugarland, TX
Contact us if you have questions
about what we offer.
Letter From a
satisfied Student:
Hi Mrs. Wiley,  I wanted to thank you
sooo much for helping me make
sendse of this whole math thing.  
You were right,  You did make it
easy for me to understand.  College
is going great and I think I might
decide to become a school teacher
after finally meeting one that made
me see how creative I could be.

Roland L. Washington, Jr.,
Southwest Houston
Letter From a
satisfied Parent:
Thank you for your professional
tutoring service for our daughter.  
When we first contacted you we were
pleased that you were able to work us
into your schedule.  We were even
more impressed when you indicated
that your service included tutoring
sessions in our home, which made the
process convenient while still being

We were very pleased with your
friendly, professional and prompt
service and your patience in working
with our daughter.

She has gone from nearly failing her
Algebra II class to an “A” average on
her last progress report.  She is so
excited about her progress and has
nothing but praises for your help.

We will not hesitate to call you should
we need your assistance in the future
and would proudly recommend you to
our friends.

Thank you,

Gary and Claudette J., Sugarland, TX
With Math Tutors in Houston!   Math Can Make Sense!
can provide individualized mathematics instruction at any level.
Younger children often have trouble advancing from basic to more
complex computations. Our tutors can help them over the hump,
instructing in ways that stimulate their curiosity, giving lessons that
are more conducive to learning. For older students, We have tutors
with advanced mathematics degrees or professionals working in
highly technical fields who will provide instruction in higher level
mathematics including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,
Pre-Calculus, Calculus.


                        Basic Math (1st -8th grades)                
                Geometry                      GRE/GMAT Prep
               Algebra 1                       TAKS/STAAR Prep
               Algebra 2                       SAT/ACT Prep
               Pre-Calculus                 Calculus
               THEA Prep                    GED Prep
               TEAS Prep            Math Skills for Job Tests
                               Basic College Algebra
Our Math-Related Subjects...

Chemistry               Physics
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